A real flying car

By Staff, October 9, 2017

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AeroMobil could be the name we will associate with flying cars. This invention, created by a Slovakian startup, flies up to 430 miles on a single tank of regular gas. These vehicles could hit the road as early as 2017, so get your pilot's license now.

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  1. Bendegúz Fekete says:

    Its actually an airplane that is able to go on land

  2. Loostio Boostio says:

    1980’s: Maybe we will get flying cars in 2016
    2016: Flying car

    • PatrickMatrix says:

      2009: i hope james cameron wont push avatar 2 to 2020
      2016: *james cameron push avatar 2 to 2020* DAMMIT JAMES

  3. trevor irby says:

    Take that president Trump now you’re gonna have to build an even taller wall

  4. Abnormaalz says:

    It’s a shame Tech Insider doesn’t use real units

  5. LudicrousTuber says:

    oh boy another 9/11 is coming

  6. Pacifium says:

    and i wish i be pilot with that.

  7. Barnaby Williams says:

    1970: I bet in the future there will be flying care

  8. Berto Timana says:

    With this, you can easily escape from the cops

  9. Jude Abijah says:

    Most people here in America can barely drive automatic cars, let alone flying cars with manual transmission….God forbid lol

  10. Lawrence Lawi says:

    Helppolice and ambulance with response time? What about the runway for landing?

  11. Bad Animator says:

    Allahu akbar

  12. Jackpot Jammerz says:

    Going to preorder now…

  13. Yousef76 Alloush says:

    1987: We’ll have flying cars in the future

    2017: Waterless toil OMG A FLYING CAR

  14. Mario Toledo says:

    Just type RIPAZHA you’ll have a flying car

  15. Hanna marie Oloroso says:

    Guess you will not need a ticket for flying

  16. Llemonjuice Aj says:

    Harry Potter is going to be real now!

  17. zecheriah vassar says:

    a flying car is basically an airplane….so stupid idea

  18. inotorious fanboi says:


  19. inotorious fanboi says: